I was lucky enough to be sent a preview copy of Matt Preston’s new recipe book World of Flavour which is out now.

Everyone knows Matt not just by his flamboyant cravats but also his wealth of knowledge in the culinary realm and his magnificent turn of phrase.

When I pick up a cookbook, I want tonnes of pretty pictures. Is that just a food photographer thing? I suspect we all eat with our eyes. Matt’s book is filled with lush images of recipes that make you want to cook them immediately. Things that look inviting but are also easy enough to make

Beyond that, I want my cookbooks to include a bit of storytelling. I loved the way this book was organised, talking about each recipe with a ‘Myth’ vs ‘Fact’ setup. It gave some background to each dish.

Keen to give it a whirl, I was craving something sweet so gave this sponge cake a go. Hands down the BEST sponge I have ever made. Look at that height! Matt went into detail about warming the bowl which I think contributed to the eggs emulsifying so beautifully.

Seriously… look how high those layers are?! It’s been a week and though the sponge is long-gone, I still can’t get over it. Sponge was always a nemesis of mine. If I ever managed to get height (which normally, I did not) it would be tough. This was both sky-high and soft as a cloud.

Loved this new book and think it would make a great Christmas present for any eager cooks in your life.


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