Punjena Paprika (Stuffed Capsicums)

Loads of cultures have discovered the joy of stuffing meat into vegetables – this follows in that same, noble tradition. Some do it with zucchinis, eggplants, even tomatoes. This one does it with capsicum. Punjena Paprika is probably my absolute favourite, cold weather, Croatian dinner. It’s warming and delectably savoury with a hint of sweetnessContinue reading “Punjena Paprika (Stuffed Capsicums)”

Sloe Cooked Beef with Orange

This recipe was developed for The Canberra Distillery as part of a paid partnership. The nights are getting colder here in Canberra and as we all sidle our way toward hibernation, we crave dishes that are rich and warm. This slow cooked beef is marinated in sweet Sloe Gin, made by The Canberra Distillery. AndContinue reading “Sloe Cooked Beef with Orange”

Avocado Hummus

Hummus needs barely any ingredients to achieve that creamy perfection. Chickpeas and tahini with lemon and garlic – bam! You’re most of the way down the path of happy dipping. But what if you add another delicious power ingredient? Ah avocado. You bring joy to the hearts of hipsters everywhere AND you go great inContinue reading “Avocado Hummus”


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